Zambia Chapter

Zambia Chapter

MeTA Zambia is a multi-stake holder initiative involving the government, private sector and civil society  organisations and cooperating partners whose ultimate goal is to improve health outcomes for low income and disadvantaged people in Zambia through the following objectives.
      Increasing transparency in the selection, regulation, procurement, distribution, supply and use of essential medicines.
      Improving equitable access to affordable essential medicines.

The Zambia MeTA focus is to strengthen the country’s capacity to collect, analyse and disseminate data on the medicine supply chain to facilitate improvements at the various stages and systems in the supply chain.
MeTA Zambia was launched on 31sMarch 2009 following an agreement initially signed between MeTA international secretariat (UK) and the Ministry of Health accepting MeTA principles while a Memorandum of Understanding was later signed between TIZ, MeTA Zambia Council and MeTA International which facilitated the disbursement of funds.

MeTA Zambia is made up of Ministry of Health (MoH), including quasi government institutions such as Medical Stores, Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority formerly the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority, Civil Society Organisations and the private sector involved in the manufacture and supply of medicines.

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Medicines Research and Access Platform ( MedRAP)
Plot 24  Lechwe Park
Ibex Hill
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