MeTA Zambia Governance Structure

MeTA Zambia Governance Structure

- National Secretariat
responsiblefor coordination of MeTA activities
- MeTA Executive Committee
Manage MeTA Zambia and give direction to the Coordinator. They make decisions, which are then ratified by council.
- Zambia MeTA Council
responsible for overseeing the implementation process of the work plan and monitoring the performance of the national secretariat.
- MeTA Forum
MeTA Forum is bi-annual gathering of stakeholder for general discussions on various issues including transparency, accountability and accessibility of medicines in Zambia. The Forum will provide a barometer for medicines accessibility, availability and affordability in various parts of Zambia.
- International MeTA Secretariat
The International MeTA Secretariat (IMS) supports national programmes by reviewing their workplans, identifying trends in the global market, making recommendations, analysing lessons learned and suggested directions for MeTA’s second phase. The IMS also coordinates, organises, promotes and supports national secretariats, channels technical and financial support to the seven countries participating in the pilot phase of MeTA. It maintains contact with them, organises meetings of MeTA working groups working through regional and national staff of WHO and HAI. It is responsible for ensuring that information generated through MeTA is shared by all participants: through this website, dialogue and exchange between participants, and through development of tools and materials

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