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On the 1st of March 2018, the Health Systems Advocacy partnership and the African Health Accountability Platform engaged two parliamentary
sub committees.These were the Parliamentary accounts committee and the Health, community development and social services committee.
The HSAp is made up of three local organisations , namely AMREF Health Africa Zambia, the African Center for Global Health and Social
Transformation (ACHEST) and Medicines Transparency Alliance Zambia ( MeTA). 
In the Zambian context, the main thematic focus of the health systems advocacy is strengthening health systems through advocacy for improved
human resources for health and sexual reproductive health rights and commodities especially for the ordinary Zambians.
The engagement with the parliamentarians was therefore to share with them reports from studies conducted by the HSAp in 2017 in Zambia.
Evidence is cardinal when it comes to influencing policy. These studies showed the gaps existing in human resources for health and sexual
reproductive health commodities as well as the recommendations. The first study presented was on “The Health Worker Migration” and the second
was on “Pricing, Availability and Affordability of Sexual Reproductive Health Commodities

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